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People have been drinking coffee and tea for centuries in various cultures across the world. Many people consider coffee or tea consumption to be a vital part of their daily routine. However, the temperatures at which coffee and tea are served has risen substantially with the use of machines that can super-heat the milk with steam.

Coffee shops can be great places to hang out, study, or conduct group meetings. However, there are certain hazards that can result in moderate to severe injuries. Some coffee shop dangers stem from:

  • Super-heated milk
  • Coffee warmers set too hot
  • Drink or machine spills
  • Over-crowding

Injuries in a coffee shop can be the result of negligence or careless errors on the part of management or staff. A set of safety standards should be observed by all staff on a daily basis to minimize risk of injury.

Safety Standards

Coffee shop staff, including baristas and managers, should observe proper safety standards to ensure that their customers stay out of harm’s way. For example, baristas should not heat the milk or coffee higher than necessary. If the coffee is extra hot, they should tell you. If a spill happens, they should mop it up as soon as they can.