Coffee. Cheaper Than Crack T-Shirt

Coffee. Cheaper Than Crack T-Shirt

by Mike on September 1, 2010 in Coffee Accessories

I have an addiction to coffee and a growing t-shirt collection. T-shirts with bands that’s no one has ever heard of, more NY Yankees t-shirts than one person should ever have, but not enough coffee shirts. This t-shirt from Coy Clothes, titled “Coffee Junkie” helps solve my coffee t-shirt shortage.

Coffee? Crack? Coffee. Hands down. Here we have a medium, charcoal slim fit shirt with a cream coffee patch. The “too damn close” patch in the back collar gently reminds people to keep their distance.

– Coy Clothes Description

The shirt from Coy Clothes isn’t cheap, $45 but it is made out of bamboo. It’s comfortable to wear and easy on the earth.

Coy Clothes has one other coffee shirt, “Are We Out Of Coffee?” They also have other retro images that range from sweet to naughty and a catchy text to go with it.

Huge thanks to Coy Clothes for sharing one of their t-shirts with me.


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